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How It Works

How Tradelines Works: Improve your FICO® score in less than 30 days or less with Priority Tradelines!

Our Authorized User Tradelines product allows you to enhance your credit. By adding a credit card with a healthy credit history to your credit report your score will rise. Join the thousands of Tradelines Direct who benefit from this easy-to-implement personal finance secret. Once you’re approved as our client, Tradelines Direct will add you as an authorized user on one of our high limit, low balance credit cards. These credit card accounts have a long and perfect payment history. This legal, credit-boosting method improves your FICO® credit score because that credit card’s entire history is incorporated into your credit report.

How Tradelines Works, When credit agencies first created the position, it was originally intended to give Primary Cardholders a way to give their children, spouses, friends, or employees access to their accounts and credit lines. Coincidentally, also gained access and benefited from those account histories and thus received immediate boosts to their FICO® credit scores.

Tradelines Direct guarantees that your selected tradeline will have low utilization and great credit history. This gives you the biggest possible FICO® score boost in less than 30 days!

In short, you’ll receive all the goods without the financial risk. Take advantage of this credit-restoring method today! 

AU Tradelines – Pre Order Instructions

  1. Please submit full payment for orders NO LATER THAN 5 days prior to statement date to ensure it will post in a timely manner. Also, allow up to 10 days after statement date for tradeline to post to your credit report. Lines such as Citi & US Bank may take up to 14 days after the statement date to post. 
  2. Some tradelines require additional steps to post such as Special address. Which means our team will provide the address to you or we will upload it for you.  Tradelines such as (Capital One, Citi, & Discover) require a copy of drivers license and valid social security card (Submit these in the attachment with your order NO LATER THAN 5 days prior to statement date).
  4. Please ensure that there are no fraud alerts or security freezes on your credit report/profile that may hinder the tradeline to post. If there is an alert call each credit bureau and ask to have it removed before you complete your order. 
  5. Make sure you have a way to view all three credit reports as it is required to verify if your line has posted **Privacyguard/Creditchecktotal is Recommended**  (Credit Karma is not a preferred source)

      We love to hear your testimonies, please share them and thank you for choosing Priority Tradelines!!


Processed Over 1.2 Million Tradelines

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